Marketing for senior living residences has become increasingly challenging in 2020. The pandemic and its financial implications have created fear, uncertainty, and procrastination which has slowed move-in activity for many retirement home operators.

If your senior living community is dealing with diminished occupancy and struggling to attract new qualified leads, we at Boomer Branding offer the following tips – How effective is your senior living marketing plan? Tips to gauge your community’s performance and plan for 2021-

GET VIRTUAL – Seniors may be hesitant about coming to your community to tour so be sure to have robust digital experiences for them to view off-site in the comfort of their home. Make sure you have a good virtual tour of your community, including suites, amenities, classes, meals and staff to entice new prospects.  Your website and social platforms should all be optimized to build community and interest. 

CHECK THE FLOW – Where are your leads currently coming from, and more importantly, where are they not? Determining your current ad response success is important. Developing new fruit-bearing channels will make your sales program stronger and grow your waitlist. 

FILL THE GAPS – Spending your marketing budget all online or offline is not optimal.  Make sure you have the right mix. Learn about our SMARTsocial program for generating new leads online.

SET UP SYSTEMS & TRAINING – Leads are expensive and take time to nurture. Don’t let any fall through the cracks.  Timely and professional follow-up is critical.  How is your community doing after hours and on weekends?  Test your team to prevent lost leads.

BOOST YOUR PROGRAM  – Doing the same outreach without change will not give you a competitive advantage.  You cannot rely on your reputation only. There are new ways to boost your new lead activity to keep emails and calls to your community.

HIRE A PRO! – Empty suites is lost revenue. Therefore, it makes good business sense to engage a professional to set up a strong lead pipeline to ensure qualified leads are on-going. Boomer Branding has 20+ years of experience in Senior Living and can keep your community full. Get in touch with us for a complimentary chat to see how we can boost your occupancy.