Boomer Bents

Pro-Aging Positivity

Fashion is becoming more inclusive for older adults. Check out these empowing T-shirts and art prints with age positive messages like “Survivor/Thriver’, ‘Anti-Anti-Aging’ and ‘We Count’.  An important message – don’t let society dictate how we age. Available at

Boomers & Board Games!

Boomers are rediscovering board games.  New board games have evolved since Monopoly and there is a vast array of themes, titles and game styles to suit a discerning Boomer. Learning a new game is great brain fitness and way to socialize with friends a family.

Boomer Board Game

We position your business to take advantage of the BOOM - Boomers are good for business!

Ballet for Boomers & Seniors

Ballet for older adults is a growing trend.  It’s a fantastic Boomer workout – exercising the brain as well as the body. It also improves balance, flexibility, mood and muscle-tone. Adult ballet is becoming more accessible to older dancers as well and many dance studios now give the option virtual classes. We especially like the The National Ballet of Canada classes from beginner to experienced.

Aging Activists

Baby Boomers were are the forefront of my important changes.  Women’s Rights and environmental causes to name just a few. Important advocates of positive change include notable Boomers – Jane Fonda,  David Suzuki, Jane Goodall, Al Gore and many more.